Depth! Based on intelligent ship technology
Update time:2022-08-06
Research on key technologies of ship identification based on artificial intelligence mainly utilizes the high degree of integration of artificial intelligence technology (AI), image processing technology, infrared sensing technology, laser sensing technology and other technologies to achieve intelligent and effective identification of ship identity, including the ship's name, whether to wear life jacket and other intelligent identification. The main research contents include four aspects:

(1) Application of ship detection technology. The ship detector is used to monitor the waterway area, and the ship is analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithm. The computer screen can prompt the ship. If the external sound box is connected, the sound alarm can be provided. At the same time, the capture program will be started to take photos of the ship. The capture will be divided into several times, with full picture and detailed pictures, and the light will be automatically filled at night.

(2) Application of automatic ship name identification technology. According to the ship image data captured, the ship name written on the hull is automatically analyzed and identified.

(3) Application of identification technology for crew life jacket wearing. According to the captured ship image data, the system can automatically analyze and judge whether the crew wears life jackets normally outside the cabin.

(4) Application of ship name fusion and fault tolerance technology. When the ship character recognition contains multiple recognition results, the semantic analysis method is used to re-allow artificial intelligence to select the final results.

Main technical performance indicators of the project:

(1) The recognition rate of ship detection technology reaches over 97%.

(2) The identification rate of lifejackets worn by sailors reaches more than 95%.

(3) The recognition rate of ship name fusion reaches more than 95%.

Application Prospect:

From the development of ship identification technology in China, the ship identification technology based on artificial intelligence has certain technical innovation and management practicability, and has broad promotion and application value. Project implementation and technology promotion, in line with the national water traffic safety development policy, can be in various ship safety regulation implement channel "smart regulation" strategy, improve the efficiency of shipping regulation and quality, put an end to human factors caused by the regulation does not reach the designated position, lax law enforcement behavior, to establish the authority of law enforcement of law enforcement. At the same time, intelligent supervision and control greatly improve the management efficiency, to a certain extent to avoid the waste of resources, environmental benefits are obvious, in line with the current "green port and navigation" construction requirements, with broad application prospects.