Through the Yangtze River Delta logistics "blood vessel" to talk about the future of modern logistics equipment industry
Update time:2022-08-04

"Intelligent equipment industry is an important part of strategic emerging industries and an important link in the development of industrial digital transformation." Huzhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Wu Zhiyong introduced that Huzhou intelligent logistics equipment industry has a certain influence, better leadership, good competitiveness and solid innovation.

Wu Zhiyong frankly, although the current economic situation is grim, but at all levels of the stability of the economic package policy driven, the city government and enterprise concentric, wind and rain, the current economic operation of positive changes increased, showing a stable recovery momentum, "stability" has the foundation, "progress" to take.

In May 2019, Zhejiang Shicang Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., LTD., which is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing and installation of storage equipment, officially landed in Huzhou due to Huzhou government's attention to the logistics industry and perfect intelligent logistics equipment industry chain. In recent years, it has bucked the trend and risen.

"This event is more let us see the future of the logistics industry hope, gave the enterprise a lot of confidence in development." Yu Zhongyin, deputy general manager of the company, said bluntly that through the matchmaking meeting, the logistics system in the Yangtze River Delta region will be more smooth in the future, and there will be more opportunities and choices between upstream and downstream enterprises.

At present, Huzhou elevator, warehousing logistics, loading and unloading, sorting logistics, high-altitude operation platform and other five characteristic segments have shown a high influence both at home and abroad. The cluster size, market share and technological innovation ability of intelligent logistics equipment industry also occupy a leading position in China.

At the event site, Ma Zengrong, assistant president of China Federation of Things and Purchasing (hereinafter referred to as "China Federation of Things") and director of Logistics Equipment Professional Committee, said bluntly that after years of development, Huzhou has become the core industrial area of intelligent logistics equipment.

"I believe that today's matchmaking meeting will definitely promote more cooperation between production and marketing, industry and finance, and industry and talent in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and provide more powerful support for enhancing the innovation ability of modern logistics equipment enterprises and upgrading the industrial level." Ma said that in the future, China iot will establish closer cooperation with Huzhou to inject new vitality into the development of logistics equipment industry